Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford 

Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford, November 2016…
Following ‘Scale Modelworld’ at Telford and a brief sojourn break to N.Wales, it was suggested a ‘flying visit’ to the RAF. Museum collection at Cosford (yep thats excactly how it was sold to me) … i have to admit i struggled a little with this one (probably due to being loaded with a dreaded cold) … thank you for the sympathy 😉
I had a wander around looking at airioplanes on the ground, and some even hanging impressively from the ceiling of the hanger (actually I would like to have seen how they managed to get them up there especially at the unusual orientations as suspended)
Nerds and enthusiasts a plenty looking around, taking lots of photos and chatting about all things avation and such like to fellow hobbyists … i felt a tad lost and out of my depth to say the least, altho the big white coloured TSR.2 stood out as being particularly impressive (my partner being told off by a passing museum attendant for nipping over the barrier to lay beneath the aircraft taking photos, no doubt of rivets ! oops), the little fabric coloured Hawker Cygnet biplane and ‘Flying Flea’ were quite cute, as well as the orange painted ski plane (im told its an Auster T.7 Antarctic) which also seemed to be a source of detailed photographic interest !
I will admit that i continued my own ‘research’ there too, (i am currently working on a wee childrens story, ssshhhh, its still at very early stages) and tried to encourage my creativity by making short stories up in my mind from some of the aircraft on display at the museum
The museum was quite busy during my visit, as well as groups of people having tours of the hangers, there were also a few coaches of children seemingly enjoying their school trips to the museum … actually it was inspiring to see so many children learning about the First & Second World War’s , the ‘cold war’ (the museum displays tying in with the school curiculum) as well as enjoying the ‘4D experience’ and interactive activities at the ‘Fun and Flight’ area located in the ‘Research Hanger’. I do think this is what museums SHOULD be like, full of children (and adults) enjoying and learning.
To be honest it wasnt the most exciting of times, although having a picnic in the car did bring back many happy memories when my family did picnics in the car due to bad weather..

Another Aircraft Muesume to tick off the list .. haha kidding there is no list !!
Overall a fairly relaxing day , and something to finish off ‘Oh Holy Telford’ weekend to which it worked in nicely.

much love

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Telford 2016

Yup .. Not sure what I can really say to be honest , what I was expecting really. Nerds a plenty

Enjoyed a little lightheaded game of ‘Telford bingo'(I’ll not go into the rules at this time):) but a game you can’t help playing when sitting behind the tables.

Excellent to see that there was a ‘make and take’table to encourage non-modellers  as well as children of all ages (man child accepted too)

As expected there is a huge array of models for sale via a myriad of traders,and almost as many on display on the tables, UK. Modelling clubs , SIG’s (special interest groups) and IPMS.branches from all over the globe.

Sone really interesting and unusual model pieces stood out amongst what is I guess seen as the ‘norm’ (camouflaged grey aircraft, green tanks and grey ships!) with of course some models just wacky and weird (and that’s just their modellers)

Alas I did literally become a ‘sprue widow’ at times ,abandoned,alone at the table … Trying not to make eye contact with some of the modellers who seemed ready to tell me they didn’t think something was right with one of the models on the tables in front of me … I mean come on guys get a life , these are models!! (Btw. Some of them you ‘really’ wouldn’t want to get into an in depth conversation with anyway)

The place is full of guys (AND admittedly some girls) in matching club colours and t shirts (and some questionable headwear ,not you terry) 😉

One cool thing I really loved the idea of is being able to be made into a model figure using 3D print technology , you can choose what scale you want to be, they print you and then just pop you into the post… Ta daa easy! So you could actually be part of your partner’s model, I know exciting stuff.. Come on girls lets become models 🙂

Taking of women … There hasn’t been too many around today ,I’m guessing the women that are here have either been mostly dragged (or drugged) by their hobby partners.. Hehe, kidding I’m sure there ARE a few who really do want to be here 😉

They say that women can talk ! Well I have discovered that men can talk just as much , if not more

It hasn’t been the most exciting of days, as a reward for coping all day here , I’ll maybe go and see if the local shopping mall is open tomorrow 🙂 

Much love 

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Blog …Take 2



Welcome back hobby widows, model wags, hobbyists and partners of.

Well that is the Glasgow model show over … phew that was a long day.


We had friends visiting from south of the wall, it was great to get to spend some time with the guys for a few days.

Our visitors were up chatting with my partner till the early hours, (and watching nazi zombie movies) … Yeah I just went to bed, I’m not a fan.

Our fur baby Sripey really enjoyed the guys staying over, she loves the company … even more so lying sleeping on our visitors in turn and using them as a hot water bottle to keep warm during the night.

Early morning rise for us all on Saturday morning , we arrived at Bellaouston around 8.30 … yup you read that right 8.30 people, the alarms were set quite a bit earlier(needed plenty of time for numerous cups of coffee..

Seeing the guys (and few girls) setting up their tables was interesting … this is where ‘OCD’ becomes pretty obvious in making sure that every model is sitting in its correct place and orientation.

The hall was filled with hobby model makers and it would have been the most perfect place to start group therapy sessions! … ‘hi my name is xxx and i’m a model maker … hehe kidding (hmm, or am i ?)

The day went fairly well, it was also interesting to note collections of models for sale, tables filled with boxes and boxes of kits, ranging from aircraft to tanks to ships to figures.

As i was looking around the various tables i noticed that this hobby is very much populated (aimed at ?) middle aged men, which is fine, but it got me thinking … if they were trying to encourage more women and younger persons to the hobby i do think some of the model companies could possibly make some more unusual or ‘special edition’ kits ? … i know i would personally like something more fun and humorous , for example models of men doing dishes , ironing and such like (im kidding) … altho the possibility of princess castles , ‘Disney’ inspired models , ‘Pokemon’, or even more wildlife models, little houses (think ‘Lilliput Lane’ style) or making models from kids favouite story books, pirate ships, etc … to name just a few suggestions

And again kids, youths … there didnt really seem much for this age either, where are all the books and more basic, starter kits ?, the variety to inspire and encourage the younger generation into the hobby … encouraging the entering of their models into the compitition and welcoming their creations.

There was one particular table that really caught my attention … safe to say i was very impressed indeed, it was models of birds and animals made from paper card kits … wow, now i was so impressed i even took photos (to follow) and i felt as though i would even like to give those a go too … i know, i can’t believe it either!

As yet i have come across only a few women in the hobby, all of whom i am very impressed with their skills and admire their creativity and model making talents.

After a long day we packed up the display, putting the models back lovingly into their bubble wrap and tissue lined boxes all secured in by cocktail sticks … who knew there was more than one use for these, apart from holding chunks of cheese and pineapple or cocktail sausages at parties !! … ah, but i do have to mention that once the table was quickly cleared, a large drawing of an aircraft carrier was rolled out to check its size against the tables to see just how many would be needed to display the finished project. At 15ft long it did cause a little bit of a stir at the end of the end of a tiring day … it looks as though this will be living in our spare room for the next few years.

Alas now its time to get organised and prepared for ‘oh holy Telford’ (the interntional show) … ah, the life of a model maker wag 🙂

Much love

Over and out