Telford day two

So here goes, day two of the annual ‘nerd fest’ …

Well what can I say … by this point Im getting pretty tired … coffee was definitely required!

I have seen tables a plenty across three main display halls containing hundreds of different models, a wide variety of subject matters and the work of some very talented modelmakers.

I had a wee look around the competition today in the hall upstairs. A pretty full area displaying some really nice as well as interesting pieces (piccies to follow) I don’t think I need to say more other than I was truly impressed by the quality of work entered ! It was also good seeing models other than the ‘usual’ aeroplanes and tanks, some of the figurines and dioramas being quite quirky indeed ! 🙂

One little snippet I felt pretty disappointing in, was the attitude of some of the competing modelmakers, whom I overheard in the competition room, basically criticising fellow modellers, their models and the judging therof ! Common guys, life is far too short for this kind of behaviour, and remember, it’s a hobby ! (I guess this is why some modellers prefer to build for their club table displays instead ?)

One aspect of the shows, not just the IPMS. SMW. weekend, is to witness some rather ‘interesting’ characters, (every hobby field has them !) some interesting and fun to catch up with, others maybe to be avoided

Sunday seemed a quieter day which allowed a little more time for wandering around the various club and sig. display tables, which seemed to be hosting more of their members than the previous day! I’m thinking most modellers had spent their allocated allowance on the Saturday (or Friday evening!)

The packing up at the end of the day seemed to come all too soon, within less than an hour what was full tables over the weekend were cleared of their models, being packed carefully into various boxes, the displays taken down and coverings removed ready for their journeys homeward

Much love

Over and out


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