Steam Train Experience

Just a little bit of background info, when i was younger my dad used to drag me most weekends to model railway shows and Bo'ness railway museum … ah yes, many an hour was spent around railways, both real and model, wandering around the shows, trying to get through the day as quickly as possible. It could be said i dont enjoy anything related much to models, trains, layouts … etc. … althooough …

Yep, you guessed it … my turn to be a bit of nerd, so here goes … please don't be too quick to judge or think that I'm some kind of 'train spotter' or anything like, but I felt I wanted to share with you all.

Joe and I managed to escape the city for a few days, we headed south of the wall, and ended up spending a few days in Whitby which was absolutely lovely, and I would recommend to everyone to visit sometime.

We decided to take an excursion on the North Yorkshire Moors steam railway. Now it's not what your thinking, it was a beautifully atmospheric experience, of which I loved every second of and would do it all again .

We travelled from Whitby to the end of the line at Pickering, an evocative journey through beautiful English countryside.

Pickering train station is fabulous, i love that the station is themed too, its like stepping into a bygone era of tea rooms, luggage trolleys and travel trunks !

Also, for all the Harry Potter fans out there, we stopped en route at Goathland Station, which I discovered was used in the first Harry Potter film as 'Hogsmeade Station' … I know pretty cool eh ?

I tell you there is something quite romantic about travelling on a steam engine, not sure why, it could be the gentle motion as you travel, the steam, or maybe the soot that ends up in your eyes and hair (whlist sticking my head out of the window) … sorry couldn't help it, hmm, maybe I am a bit of a nerd after all ! πŸ™‚

At Pickering Station it was interesting to see the 'Peter's Railway, Young Engineers Centre', an interactive exhibition based upon the writings of childrens author Christopher Vine, fantastic, what a great place for kids of all ages, i would highly recommend the centre, and his books too for any young train enthusiast

I have included a few snaps to give an impression of the visit πŸ˜€


Much love

Over and out




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