Perth show 2017 day 2

Day 2, Sunday …
Another day of observations, pretty much a more of the same kind of day, actually I am not really sure why this runs over two days? It is tiring! The same displays, same models, same faces, same conversations, hmm, it’s safe to say one is enough for me.
The show not as busy today … we escaped to the Victorian tea room in town for lunch … a little treat for me (hehe, totally deserved I’d say)
It was good to see something a little different at the Perth show as well as the scale miniature models, The Scottish military vehicle group were there with two WW2 jeeps on display, although it would have been a great wee idea if they had one you could have your photo taken whilst sitting in … kids would have loved that (both young, and dare I say, slightly older kids too)
The show had an Airfix sponsored ‘make and take’ section for the kids … definitely glad to see and a good idea, although I feel as though it wasn’t exactly drawing kids in, and over the two days I didn’t really see it to be very busy at all. Maybe they need to make it a little more inviting … hmm, a line of uncovered boring looking tables with nothing on them to entice or encourage kids to want to build , I’m guessing didn’t really work out, maybe something to be built upon next time ?
After a weekend at the annual Scottish IMPS. ‘fest’ I do feel as though I am now craving some more female interaction … iv pretty much had a ‘boys weekend’ and now I want to have a conversation which doesn’t involve talking about pieces of plastic and colour schemes ! thankfully catching up with fellow ‘sprue widows’ over the two days helped keep me ‘sane’, a big shout out and again many thanks … roll on the next one 

Much love
Over and out …

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