Perth show 2017- an anthropological study of hobby model makers.

Perth model show 2017
Anthropological study of model makers,
Day 1 … The natives seem to have accepted me as one of their own.
As I sit here in ‘stealth mode’ watching … I discover a few interesting things. Hobby modellers behaviour very much reminds me of grassland wildebeest gathered around the local watering hole 😉
Modellers tend to be seen behind tables of finely crafted models (usually of a ‘military’ nature) or impromptu gatherings of in passageways, where of course there is no possible escape!
An interesting point I noticed was that there seems to be an unspoken rule concerning table setup and model placement thereon and even a seeming hierarchy of seniority in some groups (perhaps that is how some smaller groups are formed ‘budding’ off the main ? or even formed by those feeling ‘ostracised’ from other club displays ?)
Models of all shapes and sizes, types are lovingly taken out of their travel carry boxes and placed carefully on to neatly ironed (or not so !) table coverings, usually muted green or blue in colour.
The gatherings of modellers seem to be speaking in an unknown ‘alien like’ tongue, of which of course I don’t understand. Sounds possibly like a form of Klingon to me, but the jury is still out awaiting further research.
I get invited to join my partner and the guys from the ‘SIG.’ (‘special interest group’ which is a sort of specialist modellers ‘focus group’ type club) to have a wander around the rest of the show … I am tempted to decline politely but thought I was safer to oblige, my curiosity being piqued to see how these masters of their craft interact socially
As I wander around the show I do notice planes, tanks and ships, and plenty of them (lots and lots and lots of planes, tanks and ships actually)
It was pretty neat to see that there was a table dedicated to items built from Lego (we all love Lego!) all pretty impressive to be honest … piccies to follow.
There were lots of familiar faces to meet and greet, some fellow ‘sprue widows’ too after attending a few shows you get to know some of the regulars and mainstays (as well as who to avoid !)
One or two hobbyists were dressed in camouflage which confused me … obviously not observing undercover judging by their behaviour but chosen as ‘fashion wear’ possibly???
With seemingly a wide choice of model kits and books for sale from the attending traders I have to admit I failed to find any particular kit that I would want to make … hmm, the search continues. 😏

Safe to say I have survived the first day of ‘nerdfest’, not sure how I will feel at the end of tomorrow though at show close?

over and out … for now

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