Modelmaking with our 7 year old niece!

Modelmaking day with a 7 year old ! …
Modelmaking with the 7 year old ‘wired’ niece – i mean what could possibly go wrong ??
I can already feel your tension and uncomfortableness starting to kick in, safe to say I was exactly the same.

The sacred modelling tool kit came out, (or at least a smaller facsimilie of same) each was described in turn, and it was all ‘oooh’s and ‘aaahhhh’s … the excitement was building and so was my nervousness …
The little one was shown (as was I) how to use the tools of the modeller, you know the one ! the safe child friendly tool kit, which includes sharp pointed tweezers, surgical scalpel cutting blades, and weird bottles of glues (sorry solvents) that look as though taken from an victorian apothecary.
Anyway she had a great time … our niece made 9, yip NINE! model aroplanes in total (admittedly with a wee bit of help … although in reality not much after the first one built)

This 7 yo little person making her first model kit, was even kind enough to tell me that i had put the tail plane in/on (whatever) back to front on the model i was building … yep i know a rookie mistake, to which i got a ‘tut’ and a ‘sigh’, and a look that i should have known better !

Then she went on to the painting stage of the project …
Now you would think we would just brush paint them without further ado ?, but no, my partner decided she could SPRAY PAINT THEM !!! … yep !
Our charge for the day decided she only wanted to spray either the top or bottom half of the planes and brush paint the rest, so that is what we did.
We headed to the makeshift spray booth downstairs, its just as well thats a room that has yet to be decorated, seeing we now have a lovely array of colours illuminating the surrounding area, hmm, very nice !

Using spraycans of vibrant hues, she proceeded to spray her models, one overall shiny red, another bright blue, pink another, tangerine orange !
Once these had dried (surprisingly quickly actually) it was out with the paints and paintbrushes, and more colour was added to the base coatings (a bit more messy but quite fun too)

The intention of the day being her desire to have model aroplanes hanging from her bedroom celing .. ‘awesome’ as the wee one would say herself, and i agree it would look great in a childs room, altho my partners suggestion for same in the ‘hobby room’, well that answer had sweary words in the response!!
At one point she sneaked into the sacred place of where some of the vast piles of unbuilt models are kept (aka the junk room) whilst we were tidying downstairs. We both looked round to catch her coming out with a big mischevious smile and another pile of models she wanted to make before she went home!

Hmm, obviously my partner has made her possesed or something! haha, no really it really was lovely to see the little one excited and eager to learn how to use the various tools, and drawing pictures of the planes she had built, deciding on colour schemes and then painting them up as same ! not at all the classic colours you would maybe expect … but she was happy .. and thats whats important.

I was on high alert when the little one was using the tools, and im grateful to say that there was no visits to a&e and we got her home in one piece , admittidly a little colourful from the spraying , but in one piece… phew !
An interesting experience yes , model making isnt as easy as you would expect…still cant say that making model aroplanes really floats my boat, but again something more like birds or cottages and such like just might … the search continues !

my upmost respect to all the modellers out there ! i can safely say it didnt come that easy for me, even the instructions threw me into confusuion (not hard i hear you say, hehe !)

much love
over and out ….

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