Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford 

Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford, November 2016…
Following ‘Scale Modelworld’ at Telford and a brief sojourn break to N.Wales, it was suggested a ‘flying visit’ to the RAF. Museum collection at Cosford (yep thats excactly how it was sold to me) … i have to admit i struggled a little with this one (probably due to being loaded with a dreaded cold) … thank you for the sympathy 😉
I had a wander around looking at airioplanes on the ground, and some even hanging impressively from the ceiling of the hanger (actually I would like to have seen how they managed to get them up there especially at the unusual orientations as suspended)
Nerds and enthusiasts a plenty looking around, taking lots of photos and chatting about all things avation and such like to fellow hobbyists … i felt a tad lost and out of my depth to say the least, altho the big white coloured TSR.2 stood out as being particularly impressive (my partner being told off by a passing museum attendant for nipping over the barrier to lay beneath the aircraft taking photos, no doubt of rivets ! oops), the little fabric coloured Hawker Cygnet biplane and ‘Flying Flea’ were quite cute, as well as the orange painted ski plane (im told its an Auster T.7 Antarctic) which also seemed to be a source of detailed photographic interest !
I will admit that i continued my own ‘research’ there too, (i am currently working on a wee childrens story, ssshhhh, its still at very early stages) and tried to encourage my creativity by making short stories up in my mind from some of the aircraft on display at the museum
The museum was quite busy during my visit, as well as groups of people having tours of the hangers, there were also a few coaches of children seemingly enjoying their school trips to the museum … actually it was inspiring to see so many children learning about the First & Second World War’s , the ‘cold war’ (the museum displays tying in with the school curiculum) as well as enjoying the ‘4D experience’ and interactive activities at the ‘Fun and Flight’ area located in the ‘Research Hanger’. I do think this is what museums SHOULD be like, full of children (and adults) enjoying and learning.
To be honest it wasnt the most exciting of times, although having a picnic in the car did bring back many happy memories when my family did picnics in the car due to bad weather..

Another Aircraft Muesume to tick off the list .. haha kidding there is no list !!
Overall a fairly relaxing day , and something to finish off ‘Oh Holy Telford’ weekend to which it worked in nicely.

much love

over and out

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