Telford 2016

Yup .. Not sure what I can really say to be honest , what I was expecting really. Nerds a plenty

Enjoyed a little lightheaded game of ‘Telford bingo'(I’ll not go into the rules at this time):) but a game you can’t help playing when sitting behind the tables.

Excellent to see that there was a ‘make and take’table to encourage non-modellers  as well as children of all ages (man child accepted too)

As expected there is a huge array of models for sale via a myriad of traders,and almost as many on display on the tables, UK. Modelling clubs , SIG’s (special interest groups) and IPMS.branches from all over the globe.

Sone really interesting and unusual model pieces stood out amongst what is I guess seen as the ‘norm’ (camouflaged grey aircraft, green tanks and grey ships!) with of course some models just wacky and weird (and that’s just their modellers)

Alas I did literally become a ‘sprue widow’ at times ,abandoned,alone at the table … Trying not to make eye contact with some of the modellers who seemed ready to tell me they didn’t think something was right with one of the models on the tables in front of me … I mean come on guys get a life , these are models!! (Btw. Some of them you ‘really’ wouldn’t want to get into an in depth conversation with anyway)

The place is full of guys (AND admittedly some girls) in matching club colours and t shirts (and some questionable headwear ,not you terry) 😉

One cool thing I really loved the idea of is being able to be made into a model figure using 3D print technology , you can choose what scale you want to be, they print you and then just pop you into the post… Ta daa easy! So you could actually be part of your partner’s model, I know exciting stuff.. Come on girls lets become models 🙂

Taking of women … There hasn’t been too many around today ,I’m guessing the women that are here have either been mostly dragged (or drugged) by their hobby partners.. Hehe, kidding I’m sure there ARE a few who really do want to be here 😉

They say that women can talk ! Well I have discovered that men can talk just as much , if not more

It hasn’t been the most exciting of days, as a reward for coping all day here , I’ll maybe go and see if the local shopping mall is open tomorrow 🙂 

Much love 

Over and out … 

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