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Welcome back hobby widows, model wags, hobbyists and partners of.

Well that is the Glasgow model show over … phew that was a long day.


We had friends visiting from south of the wall, it was great to get to spend some time with the guys for a few days.

Our visitors were up chatting with my partner till the early hours, (and watching nazi zombie movies) … Yeah I just went to bed, I’m not a fan.

Our fur baby Sripey really enjoyed the guys staying over, she loves the company … even more so lying sleeping on our visitors in turn and using them as a hot water bottle to keep warm during the night.

Early morning rise for us all on Saturday morning , we arrived at Bellaouston around 8.30 … yup you read that right 8.30 people, the alarms were set quite a bit earlier(needed plenty of time for numerous cups of coffee..

Seeing the guys (and few girls) setting up their tables was interesting … this is where ‘OCD’ becomes pretty obvious in making sure that every model is sitting in its correct place and orientation.

The hall was filled with hobby model makers and it would have been the most perfect place to start group therapy sessions! … ‘hi my name is xxx and i’m a model maker … hehe kidding (hmm, or am i ?)

The day went fairly well, it was also interesting to note collections of models for sale, tables filled with boxes and boxes of kits, ranging from aircraft to tanks to ships to figures.

As i was looking around the various tables i noticed that this hobby is very much populated (aimed at ?) middle aged men, which is fine, but it got me thinking … if they were trying to encourage more women and younger persons to the hobby i do think some of the model companies could possibly make some more unusual or ‘special edition’ kits ? … i know i would personally like something more fun and humorous , for example models of men doing dishes , ironing and such like (im kidding) … altho the possibility of princess castles , ‘Disney’ inspired models , ‘Pokemon’, or even more wildlife models, little houses (think ‘Lilliput Lane’ style) or making models from kids favouite story books, pirate ships, etc … to name just a few suggestions

And again kids, youths … there didnt really seem much for this age either, where are all the books and more basic, starter kits ?, the variety to inspire and encourage the younger generation into the hobby … encouraging the entering of their models into the compitition and welcoming their creations.

There was one particular table that really caught my attention … safe to say i was very impressed indeed, it was models of birds and animals made from paper card kits … wow, now i was so impressed i even took photos (to follow) and i felt as though i would even like to give those a go too … i know, i can’t believe it either!

As yet i have come across only a few women in the hobby, all of whom i am very impressed with their skills and admire their creativity and model making talents.

After a long day we packed up the display, putting the models back lovingly into their bubble wrap and tissue lined boxes all secured in by cocktail sticks … who knew there was more than one use for these, apart from holding chunks of cheese and pineapple or cocktail sausages at parties !! … ah, but i do have to mention that once the table was quickly cleared, a large drawing of an aircraft carrier was rolled out to check its size against the tables to see just how many would be needed to display the finished project. At 15ft long it did cause a little bit of a stir at the end of the end of a tiring day … it looks as though this will be living in our spare room for the next few years.

Alas now its time to get organised and prepared for ‘oh holy Telford’ (the interntional show) … ah, the life of a model maker wag 🙂

Much love

Over and out




4 thoughts on “Blog …Take 2

  1. That is a really interesting point about women and younger model makers getting involved. Do you think it would be encouraged and there just aren’t opportunities or things to draw those markets in or do you think it would be frowned upon?
    I know in the Comic Book world it can be closed off to new readers sometime and the introduction of title for female readers, although better, can still be a struggle. One I hope doesn’t last too long.


      1. It’s an interesting point you make though. It seems like they can be a little set in their ways which all groups can be like sometimes, we become protective and purists about it instead of creating opportunities and allowing new people to discover our love for something.
        You should try some of the bird and animal models and post your end results on here.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah think ur right … And yeah I actually have a model sitting ready to be built … Just not had time yet .. My model is quite a bit larger and a lot of extra pieces in it , and of course biblical 🙂 I’ll maybe start it after Christmas and let u know how I’m getting on with it . 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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