Telford day two

So here goes, day two of the annual ‘nerd fest’ …

Well what can I say … by this point Im getting pretty tired … coffee was definitely required!

I have seen tables a plenty across three main display halls containing hundreds of different models, a wide variety of subject matters and the work of some very talented modelmakers.

I had a wee look around the competition today in the hall upstairs. A pretty full area displaying some really nice as well as interesting pieces (piccies to follow) I don’t think I need to say more other than I was truly impressed by the quality of work entered ! It was also good seeing models other than the ‘usual’ aeroplanes and tanks, some of the figurines and dioramas being quite quirky indeed ! 🙂

One little snippet I felt pretty disappointing in, was the attitude of some of the competing modelmakers, whom I overheard in the competition room, basically criticising fellow modellers, their models and the judging therof ! Common guys, life is far too short for this kind of behaviour, and remember, it’s a hobby ! (I guess this is why some modellers prefer to build for their club table displays instead ?)

One aspect of the shows, not just the IPMS. SMW. weekend, is to witness some rather ‘interesting’ characters, (every hobby field has them !) some interesting and fun to catch up with, others maybe to be avoided

Sunday seemed a quieter day which allowed a little more time for wandering around the various club and sig. display tables, which seemed to be hosting more of their members than the previous day! I’m thinking most modellers had spent their allocated allowance on the Saturday (or Friday evening!)

The packing up at the end of the day seemed to come all too soon, within less than an hour what was full tables over the weekend were cleared of their models, being packed carefully into various boxes, the displays taken down and coverings removed ready for their journeys homeward

Much love

Over and out


Telford 2017 Day one

Yup it’s that time of year again, Telford the annual IPMS. (International Plastic Modellers Society) ‘Scale ModelWorld’ show, which runs for TWO WHOLE DAYS! (obviously one day isn’t enough!) actually il admit that’s true, there’s soo much to see

3 massive halls (plus another for the competition, and and yet another smaller hall for a bring and buy saleroom) filled with a array of aeroplanes , tanks , cars , ships and figurines … oh and not forgetting much needed wee coffee trolleys doing the rounds weaving between the hordes of modellers young and old (ok, admittedly mostly old but there is hope I believe!)

I have yet to purchase a model of my own on this trip, but the search continues for something to catch my eye (in particular an Airfix Kingfisher, the feathered kind)

It was inspiring to see and I very much enjoyed seeing the handiwork of all the talented model makers old and young arrayed on the display tables, as well as catching up with friends old and new 🙂

I was very impressed to see a table for young model makers called ‘Rolemodels’ where there was kids displaying their creative skills in the models they had made ! What a brilliant idea to encourage new and younger people in to the hobby, a nice bonus too was they had sweets on their table for passing hungry visitors to enjoy whilst perusing the models displayed.

Airfix hosted an impressive ‘make and take’ section to encourage visitors young and old to have a go at the hobby which seemed very popular and was busy throughout the day 🙂

Let’s do it all again tomorrow !

Much love

Over and out 🙂

Forays in modelling (well sort of) …

Ooh guess what ? Yep, iv only gone and bought a model !  Yep I know, I’m turning to the nerd side, aarrggh !

Whilst in Edinburgh on a wee day trip, we ‘just so happened’ to find ourselves passing a model shop ! Whilst looking around at all the usual model kits of planes, tanks, etc. I came across a display with a classy VW camper van … an Airfix model kit, but wait for it …. this one seemed to be made of LEGO pieces !!! Safe to say I was quite excited at the prospect of building it appealing to the child within me (yes yes, I love the LEGO store in town too !)

It was swiftly purchased, and as soon as I got home it was fairly quickly built and some comments noted re same (reviewed for encouraging ‘kids’ into the hobby) totally not using this as an excuse or anything of course

Anyway here goes, I’l admit was pretty impressed with the finished model, and (shhh !) it was really fun to build too.

Nicely presented and brightly packaged with a nice big Airfix logo and artwork showing how the finished model will look along with a small image showing parts breakdown, quite appealing to non hobbiests like myself. Opening the bag of parts, one is faced with familiar looking pieces and assembly instruction sheet, very much like our favourite Danish brand construction toy 🙂 Unlike traditional Airfix kits iv previously come across, there wasn’t any painting or gluing required, so no mess over the kitchen table !

The model took about 10-15 minutes to assemble (oh, a note to self, if parts dont fit read the instructions, lol) and looked really good in its red and cream two tone colour scheme. It is interesting to note there are no obvious compromises to the construction toy assembly process other than moulded studs on the vehicle seats, I’m guessing for the addition of LEGO figures ? A fab idea, where’s my box of bricks ! 🙂

The finished model is a decent size, and scales out to approximately 1/20 scale (quite similar to garden railways G scale too) and actually sits well as an actual model miniature

After making the VW camper van, I followed this a few days later with the old style VW Beetle, another nice little model which looks to be in scale with the camper van, this one is moulded in an attractive shiny powder blue with tan interior. Actually a satisfying way to spend a quiet moment.

I think I can safely say that incorporating Airfix type model kits with LEGO like pieces is a great idea and I think I would definatly encourage children (of all ages) to give them a go 🙂

The rrp on Airfix website for the VW camper is £15.00 and the Beetle, £12.99 (altho iv noticed them in a few stores for £13.50 and £10.00 resp.)

On the important toy aspect to the models, my partner did the ‘vruum’ test and discovered it ‘vruum vruum’s very well … 🙂

Please Mr. Airfix can we have a few more choices in the range ? maybe different colour options or even a few classic cars, for example a wee Morris Minor or Citroën Dolly ? or how about a blue Ford Anglia to snag enthusiasts of a certain boy wizard !

Much love

Over and out ☺

The Sprue Widow



Hi and welcome to my ‘blog’ … I’m no celebrity, VIP. or millionaire, I am however a long suffering and very patient partner of someone who lives and breathes plastic model kits, and I’m here to tell you that you fellow partners out there are not alone … we are all ‘hobby widows’ together (woop woop ! hehe, trying to sound very enthusiastic here)

I had this light bulb moment … why not start a blog so that we can connect with all the other long suffering partners out there … (ta daa ! I know you’re impressed I can sense it)

Really this blog was intended for the partners out there, but if you modellers, enthusiasts, and all other self-confessed ‘nerds’ feel the urge to read this behind your partner’s backs and pretend you know nothing of it so you really know how we feel I won’t tell if you don’t, hehe !


‘’How do u survive all those ‘exciting’ model shows, air displays, aviation museum’s (some admittedly looking more like scrap yards than museum’s !) I hear you cry’’ All those ‘exciting’ round the city adventures to ALL the local bargain discount stores checking for model kits !

Let me assure you that you are not the only one … believe me, I feel your ‘pain’



Anyway let’s continue … ‘tick, tick tick’

One week to go to the local annual model show in Glasgow, things are starting to get busy and the stress is starting … I mean the trophies for the completion haven’t even been made yet ! (or the graphic design for same even decided, shh !) The ‘stuff’ (coverings, labelling, oops and models) for the tables haven’t even been looked out yet … I feel it may be a busy week ahead. I mean I have not even decided which book to take with me to read or which craft project to work on whilst ,manning the table, … decisions, decisions ?


You may be asking how do partners (usually but not exclusively wives and girlfriends) actually cope with being ‘dragged’ along to all these wonderful and exciting events ?

Well I have a few secrets … one is, always, always, take plenty to do so you never get bored, always know where there is comfy seating areas (the ones usually provided at shows make those I sat on in college seem comfortable) where to find the nearest ‘coffee’ outlet (vending machines, eugh !), oh and not forgetting one thing I discovered quite recently … you can sleep with your eyes open (or just zone out and go to your happy place, believe me, after listening to your dearest discuss ’50 shades of grey’, in this case camouflage paint colours not the book I hasten to add, you too will discover yours


Whilst at these shows, you will most defiantly meet some very ‘interesting’ people … yes a sea of generally men, some multi pocketed, some with long overcoats, some with long hair, think 70’s ! (and some sporting the ‘just out of bed’ look) Oh, I’d better mention at this point that some people may look as though they should come with a health warning (no joke people) it sometimes seems that some, not all of the hobbyists that you may come in contact with may not have been in contact with soap that particular morning … yeuch !


Then there are those whom strike up conversation with you whilst showing interest looking around the display tables (for the 20th time that day ) asking questions like ‘ which club or Sig. are you a part of ?’ oh , by the way I hope you are impressed that I know what even means (Special Interest Group) so yeah , always be prepared for surprise conversations. 

There isn’t usually an awful lot of partners at these events … you may also end up on the modelling forum too if you’re not careful (serves me right for being talked into wearing a ‘Star Trek’ uniform to one of the shows ! if I feel brave I might even post up a photo !)


I do think that there are different levels of ‘nerdiness’ … some actually convince a semblance look of being fairly ‘normal’, some wear multi pocketed fishing wear … I guess for emergency model repair tools, glues, decals (remind me to write a glossary sometime !) and plastic bits as required ?

There are also those who wear logo t-shirts or brightly coloured tops so they easily identifiable to fellow ‘clubbers’, and not forgetting the wine drinking guys who obviously aren’t allowed to do so at home, not forgetting the odd pretty ‘scary’ character ! Oh yes there’s one or two.

DISCLAIMER descriptions have been changed (slighty) to protect the guilty and any similarities to persons known or otherwise is purely deliberate


If you’re at a model show, feel free to give me a shout , a wave or join me for a coffee if you see me walking around with a smile (its real, honest) I’d welcome a ‘normal’ conversation


You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter (spruewidow) … and if you want any other inside info concerning my whistleblowing on these events or how much your partners spend on plastic, resin, etch, decals and books, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message … I don’t charge (much)

Much love

Over and Out …